New Monthly Offering!

Rest, Revise, & Realign Grounding & Accountability Circle

Saturday, April 16th, 12p EST on Zoom

🦄Got goals?🤩

Whether you struggle to get through your to-do list, are a pro at procrastination, want to start being accountable to better habits, or are totally ready to scale your business into the next level, I have learned that there are some keys to success that can be hard to access when it seems like you’re the only one holding the vision….

✨Connection - the ability to surround yourself with people who are goal-focused and solution oriented and can help remind you of how awesome you are

✨Accountability - sharing your goals and knowing that there are people out there who believe in you and can’t wait to hear about your successes

✨Consistency - making time to regularly & intentionally revisit what’s working and what’s not as you work towards what you want

✨Networking with others who will hype you up - going beyond business cards and awkward emails or DMs to build a larger network of folx focused on creating change to help you share your endeavors, offer ideas for growth, and potentially even benefit from what you have to offer!

The new Shanti & Sunshine Wellness Rest, Revise, & Realign Grounding & Accountability Circle is designed to meet these needs with a donation based cost commitment, because we all deserve a safe space to grow no matter our current capital!

If you feel completely lost, come listen, ground, and know that more is possible.

If you catch yourself caught in comparison, come to be celebrated for all you’ve already accomplished as you are.

If you’ve built a routine or career or service you’re proud of and ready to share, take this time to humbly realign and act as an inspiration to others who can learn from your success!

Held every 3rd Saturday on Zoom at 12p EST to remind us to never stop revisiting and working towards our dreams, whether we set our goals daily, weekly, monthly, yearly, or as they come to mind!

Coming Soon!

Unleash Your Inner Child Yoga -

All Ages, Back to Basics Yoga Served Up Family Style

A self paced, downloadable, back to basics practice designed for yogis of all ages and families to practice at home and find JOY in yoga!

Join me as I take a beginner’s mind approach to the following 10 minute mini classes:

  • Good Morning Sunshine Warmup

  • We Can Be Calm Breathwork

  • Get Silly & Decompress!

  • Strong Like a Warrior

  • Balance Basics

  • You Are Worthy Moving Affirmations

  • Yoga Field Trip to the Zoo (animal movements!)

  • Before Bed Sleepy Stretches


  • 2 full length prerecorded Family Yoga classes

Bonus content on why we practice yoga throughout the lifespan and creating your at home practice space!

Coming Soon to artinmotionpgh.com!

Save The Date!

What: Art in Motion Showcase!

When: Saturday, June 11th

Where: Kennedy Park, Sharpsburg, PA

Why: To celebrate our talented dancers and instructors, showcase our talents, share community through dance, inspire, uplift, and transform!

Who: You, and your kids, and your friends, and the whole community! It’s never too late to come dance with us and start your movement journey today!

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