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Heal Your Body & Mind on Your Terms

The mission of Shanti & Sunshine Wellness is to Have Fun & Feel Good Through Trauma Informed Movement and Wellness Services. I am a master’s level therapist, Certified Clinical Trauma Professional, and HoopYogini™ Certified Instructor determined to bring you mind/body wellness in a way that is fun, nonjudgmental, completely custom, and based on a holistic approach.

I offer a variety of services including workshops, virtual and in person yoga, hoop dance, and HoopYogini™ classes, private pay therapy and wellness consultation, private yoga and hoop instruction, and a variety of special events that vary monthly including Healing Collectives, pop ups, and more.

Are you ready to heal differently?

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Healing Movement & Therapy Services… and Some Fun!

Offering personalized healing through trauma informed movement with or without therapy to amplify the mind/body connection as well as events to make things fun such as subscription boxes, Build Your Dream Retreat, and HoopYogini in the Park

Not Your Traditional Therapist

We do things differently around here. With private pay services, there is ample flexibility to get creative with your healing process. I aim to always help you feel safe and build confidence and emotional intelligence

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